Coronavirus Places a Spotlight on Boosting Immunity

Coronavirus Places a Spotlight on Boosting Immunity

With the world in turmoil due to the spread of the novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, a light has
been shed on just how much we – as social creatures – is exposed to pathogens by simply
living our daily lives.

Whether you are going to school, work, the grocery store, a restaurant, or a doctor’s office,
you’re at risk of being compromised. It’s not often quite as serious as it has become
recently, but we do take our health in our hands when we are around other people or in
public places. That is why prevention has become the watchword.

Instead of constantly focusing on how to treat our symptoms, we should also look at how to
prevent an ailment from affecting us. We all know how hard it is to practice social distancing
as a preventative measure constantly. I Instead we should focus on giving our immune
system the vital boost it needs to combat whatever tries to compromise it.

Black Seed supplements and oil are excellent products to achieve this.

Scientific studies have shown that Black Seed (Nigella sativa) has positive effects on the
immune system 1 through its antioxidant 1,2 and anti-inflammatory properties 1.2 . In addition,
Black Seed has anti-bacterial properties. Using Black Seed also brings about increased
energy levels by helping strengthen your immune system 1,2 . It is considered one of the
greatest natural substances for treating ailments in numerous ancient cultures and faiths,
and we agree 100%